Meet The Team

All teachers are certified by recognised International Pilates schools and carefully selected by Patricia da Cruz
 Patricia da Cruz
Dance degree in Performing Arts & Choreography- Lisbon, Portugal 1997

Contemporary dance teacher- 1998-2005
Fitness teacher- 1999-2005

Pilates Institute Instructor - Lisbon, Portugal 2005,2006,2009 (with Ana Luis Martins)

​Pilates Convention Portugal- Lisbon, 2006 with Michael King

Pink Ribbon Program Instructor - London, England 2012

Tutor Training MK Pilates, Barcelona, Spain 2013 (with Michael King & Malcom M.)

International Pilates Heritage Congress 2015,Mönchengladbach,  Germany
(with Lolita San Miguel, Alan Herdman, Brett Howard, Kathy Corey, Michael King,Antony Lett,...)

Garuda method  Seated & Standing Instructor- London, April 2016 (with James D'Silva)

Ambassador from Luxembourg @ PIlates Heritage Congress 2017 & 2019 Mönchengladbach, Germany (with Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Corey, Alan Herdman,Brett Howard,...)

Pilates Private & Group Instructor for Matwork & Small Equipment (all levels) and apparatus (Reformer,Tower, Cadillac, Wanda Chair & Arc Barrel).
Pilates Pregnancy & Post-Natal & Seniors Instructor.
Pilates Teen & Kids Instructor.
Pink Ribbon Program Instructor (Post-Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery).
Pilates Stretching 
Pilates Barre
Garuda classes Seated & Standing
Teaching Pilates since 2006.

Languages: Portuguese, French, English and Spanish

Violaine Milin
Sylvia Comparetto

Romana Pilates certified- New York
International Pilates Heritage Congress 2015 & 2019, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Pilates Private & Group Instructor for mat work and Small Equipment (all levels) and apparatus ( Reformer, Cadillac, Wanda Chair, High Chair, Spine Corrector).
Teaching Pilates since 2010.
Collaborator since September 2013

Languages: French and English

Dance degree 
Balanced Body - Brussels
Stott Pilates -Italy
Pink Ribbon Program - London

Pilates Private & Group Instructor for Matwork & Small Equipment  (all levels) and apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wanda Chair, Spine Corrector, Laddel Barrel ).
Teaching Pilates since 2012.
​Collaborator since september 2013

Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, Luxembourgish

Daniela Vitali
Fabi Torrens

Pilates Institute- Geneva
International Pilates Heritage Congress 2017, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Pilates Private & Group Instructor for Matwork & Small equipment (all levels) and apparatus (Reformer & Cadillac)
Teaching Pilates since 2008.
Teacher at Pilates Studio Luxembourg since 2008.

Languages: Italien, French , Spanish and English

Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, 2007.
Deep Tissue Therapy

Pilates training - Mat and Equipments.
(Ivana Henn Team, 2008. Brazil).

Pilates in Spine Pathologies. 
(Tao Pilates, 2012. Brazil).

Spine, Rehabilitation and Fascia with Pilates.
(Elizabeth Larkam, 2018. Brazil).

International Pilates Heritage Congress 2019.
(Mönchengladbach, Germany).

Pilates Private & Group Instructor for Mat Work and Small equipments (all levels) and apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel)

Languages: English and Portuguese